Cane Walker Wheelchair

Cane Walker Wheelchair

SeniorLite is a super bright light that attaches to any cane, walker or wheelchair and lights a path along the floor, so you can see any trip hazards in your way.

I sell cane walker wheelchair rollator and folding canes aluminum walkers light wheelchairs with rollators.This is a story about a little folding cane that was kept in the dark and had no light to light its path and make it safe. Her father, 80 years her senior, lives in an independant living or senior facility, living was smarter than her and had bought the best walking cane light called the Seniorlite, invented by his wife.

Durable Aluminum Construction

16 Super Bright LEDs

Fits All Canes, Walkers and Wheelchairs

Theft Proof

>>> Ready to Use, 3 AAA Batteries Included! <<<


SeniorLites are in stock. $16.99 Each (2 for $32) / Plus Shipping

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His wife was an elderly lady that alternately used a walker cane and wheelchair to satisfy her mobility needs. This worked until one day when she was to trip and fall and hurt herself. That's when the old man got up from his wheelchair and said, "why don't you buy the best walking cane aluminum folding walker and wheelchair. If you buy SeniorLite you will get a discount, he said. So the old lady bought the light and attached it to her cane and walker and wheelchair with it's universal clamp feature. This wheelchair walker and cane light received great reviews in several medical journals.